Working together for well-being, human rights and sustainable development.

FIANT Consulting Oy

High-quality consultant services on human rights and sustainable development. Our solid expertise together with strong understanding on different grassroot realities helps our clients to achieve their goals.

Our alphabets


FEASIBILITY We actively find ways to support our clients in achieving their goals in different local contexts. In our work theory and practice support each other.


IMPACT Supporting our clients in identifying, monitoring and evaluating the impacts of their operations is an essential element in our work for sustainable development.


ADDING VALUE We believe that recognizing, capitalizing and strengthening the knowledge and skills of all stakeholders involved in development processes is a prerequisite for sustainable development.


NEW LEARNING Continuous learning and making use of the latest research is very important for us. Interactive learning with different stakeholders is an essential factor in successful and sustainable action.


TEAMWORK We do dynamic team-work where the expertise and skills of all involved are brought together for achieving shared goals.


The outcomes of a study conducted by FIANT together with 3bility Consulting show that a great majority of the biggest listed companies in Finland have made at least a general level commitment to respect human rights in their business operations. At the same time, for example only 20% of the assessed 50 companies report having started to assess more systematically their human rights risks and impacts. Further efforts are needed in order to turn the commitments made by companies into concrete actions. For more information: Words to Deeds 2019


The outcomes of a study conducted by FIANT in collaboration with 3bility Consulting show that only 11% of the studied 110 companies have integrated the SDGs into their business and/or sustainability strategies. The SDGs can support companies in strengthening the social and environmental sustainability of their business operations, but, also, in identifying business opportunities in emerging markets. For more information: No_time_to_waste