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The Latin word ‘fiant’ means be made, be done, happen. It reflects our commitment to serve our clients from their own premises in a focused and pragmatic manner. Continuous development of approaches and tools, a deep understanding of different operational contexts, and inspiring teamwork form the foundation of our work.

FIANT was established in 2012. We provide high-quality consultant services on sustainable development, human rights and corporate social responsibility to companies, public sector, and civil society.


Our expertise and network at your disposal.

Elina Tran-Nguyen

Senior Consultant, Partner, Chair

Elina is a strong expert on socially sustainable development and human rights, with a long experience from conducting various planning processes, evaluations, studies, and training on related topics.

She is a social scientist who has also studied social impact assessment at Macqurie University. In addition to Finland, she has solid work experience from developing countries, especially in Southeast and South Asia, and Africa.

Elina has an excellent ability to concretize global frameworks related to sustainable development and human rights in practice, and to support different actors in using them in their work. In her work, she emphasizes practicality, dialogue, and understanding of different actors’ perspectives, these being issues that many clients have strongly appreciated. 

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Jaana Vormisto

Managing Director, Partner

Jaana has over 25 years of experience in sustainable development. In her work she brings together the promotion of environmentally and socially sustainable development and human rights. She has solid expertise in the planning, implementation and evaluation of processes, projects and programmes, in supporting organizational development, and in conducting studies and training. She has a PhD in biodiversity research.

Jaana has strong experience in different operating contexts in developing countries, especially in South Asia, Latin America, and East Africa. She has worked with public sector, companies, and NGOs.

Jaana is a strategic thinker with an excellent capacity to facilitate analyses on various causal linkages while understanding the bigger picture. Clients have thanked her for comprehensive approach and for creating an inspiring discussion environment.

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Our alphabets

Out name has a story






dding value


ew views




In our work theory and practice support each other. We help our clients in achieving their goals in different operating environments in Finland and overseas.


We support our clients in identifying, increasing, monitoring, and assessing their development impacts.

Adding value

We believe that recognizing and capitalizing the knowledge and skills of all key stakeholders is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

New views

In our work, we invest in continuous learning and utilization of the latest research information.


We do dynamic team-work where the expertise and skills of all involved are brought together for achieving shared goals.