About Us

FIANT was established in 2012 to provide high-quality consultant services on human rights and sustainable development to companies, public sector, civil society, and other actors.


The Latin word ‘fiant’ means be made, be done, happen. It reflects our commitment to serve our clients in a focused and pragmatic way from their own premises. Continuous development of approaches, practices and tools together with inspiring teamwork form the foundation of our work.

Ms. Jaana Vormisto

Jaana (PhD on biodiversity research) has over 15 years’ experience of environmental sustainability and its linkages to socio-economic development and human rights. She also has a sound expertise and experience in project/programme cycle management, policy and strategy work, as well as  capacity building and organisational development. She has worked in and with public, private and civil society sectors’ organisations, and has a solid developing country experience especially from Latin America and South Asia regions.


Ms. Elina Tran-Nguyen

Elina (MA, Graduate Certificate on Social Impact Assessment) has over 15 years of solid professional experience from social development, human rights-based approaches, programme development and management, and disaster risk reduction and response  in different local contexts. During the past few years she has increasingly focused on issues of business and human rights. She has strong field experience especially from South-East and South Asia. Before FIANT she has worked with UNICEF as well as international and Finnish development NGOs.